[Pat Sarver] After months and months of searching for our perfect motorhome and not being able to find the one we wanted, we ordered one from our local dealer. (Most models in stock had a slide-out which we didn&#039t want.) Since we were ordering we could choose what options we wanted. One that we struggled with but finally decided against was a 27" TV/Entertainment Center over the Cab (this is a class C). We wanted to extra sleeping area and had decided also that we never needed a TV on any of our other camping trips, so... Well, to our surprise when the unit arrived at the dealer yesterday, to our surpise, the entertainment center was there. Not sure what to do at this point. Of course one of our options is to decline delivery. We could try again but I&#039m not sure I want to wait another 8 weeks (and who&#039s to say they&#039re get it right then). Although this option will turn out to be free, I&#039m a little disturbed since I&#039m not gettng what I ordered. Any suggestions?

[Dador] Pat,
We had the same thing happen to us this year. We had ordered a Fleetwood Flair with dual A/C. Waited the 8 weeks and when it arrived it had only 1 A/C and was in a different color than we had ordered. (Dealer mistake). They upgraded the A/C and the color schemes were all very nice so rather than wait another 8 weeks and loose some prime camping time we went ahead with delivery. Glad we did! In your case a free TV not bad. If you can live with it...I&#039d say enjoy.