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i bumped into an RV owner in boston logan airpot acouple of years ago, they had a black kitty on a lap, they were wintering in florida, but had to fly home to boston to attend to some family trouble, they said that thier kitty was very well traveled and very well behaved, they had kitty a kitty flap into one of the small lockers somewhere under the bus, when they pulled up to where ever they were camped out, the outside locker door was left open so the cat could come and go as it pleased, in several seasons of traveling, they'd never lost it, or had it hold up their trips i'd love to have a kitty when we settle in the states, and hoped i could train kitty to be RV friendly


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our dog is a Health Dog,(SUGA) he loves to travel, if we start to pack for a trip, he is waiting at the door for us, looks like he is saying, WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG,
he has never been sick on the road, we just have to stop roughly every 2 hours for him and us to do our thing


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My miniature Schnauzer Zeus loves to ride. He loves to go where ever we go. His problem is that he thinks he owns everything around us and that no one should be in his territory. He is not mean and would not hurt anyone. He just thinks that everyone should hear him and that only his people are allowed to walk where he can see them. I am really trying to teach him not to bark at strangers but I am at a loss right now. I had to put training on the back burner for the past few months due to work and our other dog, a Bassett Hound named Hunter, is not as cooperative as Zeus is in training and I can't get them separately ever because they are so attached to each other now. If I take Zeus out of the pen or the house then Hunter howls like he is the most pitiful lonesome thing in the world and then Zeus tries to get back to him so I am going to have to get back to training them now that I am not working as much. If anyone has any easy methods for training a Bassett hound I would love to hear them because he is a challenge.

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My sister-in-law broke down and bought a bark collar. Worked really fast. Now when her dog barks, she just pulls out the collar and he stops barking. Good luck.