Pets and RV'S ???

Does you pet travel with you ? Does he/she ride in crate, free or on pillow ? We are unsure what to do ?

Also, we have only had her about 2 months (sweet, sweet Peekapoo, 7 months old) and we are still in the process of training her as the lady who had her before only paper trained her and she is having a time going OUTSIDE. MOST OF THE TIME, she tells us....USUALLY it's us that does not get the message, but we sure do not want our brand new RV getting soiled anytime soon.

She just had her spaying and it seems her bladder is not holding as long as before.

Anyone have any input/tips into MOTOR HOME and PET TRAVEL ? ;)

Thanks a bunch, Chocolat <><
Pets and RV'S ???

We travel with our "boy" (a miniature pinscher). He rides in his kennel, mainly because we feel it is safer for him. We stop often for potty breaks. He was housebroken before we got our motorhome, but we have not had any problems. We tried letting him out while driving, but he really does not feel secure when we are moving. When he hears the "diesel" start, he immediately goes and gets in his kennel. He is a great traveler. No trouble at all. In fact, he is a lot like our kids were when they were small - he sleeps as long as we drive. When we stop, he wakes up. Remember to take his vet records so that if you need to take him to a vet, you will have all the info you need. Keep his tags and collar on at all times and on lead when you walk him.
Pets and RV'S ???

We travel with a cat she is 9 years old, she loves to travel. I feel she needs to be in a harness and on a lead in case of an accident, and she spends most of the day in her basket (plastic carrier with a lid that is open all the time.) sleeping until we stop and up she comes. I make sure she can get to water and food, but she does not take any while we travel. I have read where people can have small dogs use litter boxes it might be a solution for you. Good Luck.
Pets and RV'S ???

We have been bringing our pets along for over 40 years. Never in a kennel. We currently have two minature poodles that have the run of the MH. We do put down "pee pads" in the same place every time and they do, on rare occassons, get used. Like when we miss a signal they want to go out, or during the middle of the night. They are free to move around and feed and drink as they wish. They normally ride on pillows in the dash area. We rarely drive for more then two hours straingt without stopping for a break... for them and us... Works well for us... :)


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Pets and RV'S ???

We travel with 80lb golden (11 years old) and 10lb cat (13 years old). Both run free in the class a all the time. Cat usually hides under the softer while we are motoring down the road but comes out as soon as we shut off the engine. Dog mostly sleeps while we are motoring, but will kind of give us the look.....when it is time to go. Agree with other posts regarding shot/vet records, name tags, leash, but would add......plastic bags or pooper scooper to pick up after your pet. Nothing worse than stepping in it, if you know what I mean and besides, if others see you pick it up, maybe more will. :( .
Enjoy your pets and don't forget.....they are family. :laugh: :) :cool: :approve:


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Pets and RV'S ???

We are fulltimers and we of course travel with our pet. We had a mini schnauser who we sadly lost to illness and we now travel with a Humane Society rescue puppy who was six weeks old when we got her and she is now nearly two. RV life is the only life she knows and she is the happiest and friendliest dog I know. She usually rides in he kennel when traveling and always did until she was completely house broken. They learn to go out much more quickly that way. And she considers the kennel he house and she retreats there any time that she wants to be left alone. When the grandchildren are here they are not allowed to bother he if she is in the kennel! When on the road, she will come out when we suddenly start to move slowly in a pattern that she has learned means we are parking. She then gets excited to see our next home. She loves to see new places and usually sits up to watch out the window when in the car. But she is bored with long term travel and we like that since we believe that she is more safe that way. We keep the door off of the kennel and she lets us know if she needs to stop. We seldom travel for more than three or four hours in a single day, so she and we are very compatable.
Pets and RV'S ???

We have two Chinese Shar-Pei that we take along...As soon as the MH starts, they lay down in the middle of the MH and go to sleep. We stop every 2 hours to let them out. Once in the park, my wife walks them about every 2 hours during the day. They are very good and let us know if they need out. We also put down absorbant bed pads just in case of an emergency as they have been trained to use those. Traveling with your "furry kids" adds enjoyment to your travels.