pets 'n' motorhomes

We just bought a new 33' motorhome with one slideout. We have a cat and four birds that will travel with us. Since I cannot run and tend to fall a lot I'd like to get a German Shepherd to accompany me on my daily walks. Do you think that would be too many pets for one motorhome?


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pets 'n' motorhomes

Depends on how many people... We travel just fine with 3 cats and 2 people in a 25 feet trailer. 1 dog, 1 cat and 4 birds should fit into a 33' RV with 2 people ok (assuming they all get along, of course).

I'm confused. I would think a German Shepard (or any big dog) would tend to cause more falls than no dog or a small dog. :) Any dog would need to be very well trained it sounds like.
pets 'n' motorhomes

You're absolutely right about the dog. I knew nothing about the breed, just that I would like to be able to walk with an intimidating dog. I talked to a friend who raises them and she says that a Shepherd is not what I want.


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pets 'n' motorhomes

Have you considered an assistance dog? They are trained to pick things up that you drop, open doors for you, and help you up in case of a fall. These dogs are usually trained for 2 years before they are ready.
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pets 'n' motorhomes

As to all the others, my vote would be for a Lab, very protective. They have organizations that are like Save a Lab who finds home for mature dogs as well as puppies. A mature dog would seem a good choice for you.
pets 'n' motorhomes

A lot depends on how much time you spend on the road RV'n. Jessie travels with us EVERYWHERE.

There is room in the MH with the two of us and a dachsie, but I couldn't imagine traveling with a bigger dog and other pets, too. I just don't think we'd have enough room to move around when everybody was inside the MH.
pets 'n' motorhomes

It has been an interesting trip for us since we've traveled with two large dogs (both are reterivers), three cats, two ferrets and a bird from the East coast to the West coast over the summer. Everyone does well with each other -- it depends on the preference of the individual as well as what they are willing to give up as to space. ;) :blush:
pets 'n' motorhomes

Hi! I agree with suggestions of a lab or even a Golden Retriever (both DO shed tho'). They are wonderful trainable dogs they are picked most often as assistance dogs.
Now, is this your 1st motor home? You may want to think about how you travel...stop often? sightsee? hike or spend time in museums? The pets might inhibit some of that. You'd need to think about placing water out, keeping RV temperature comfortable and hopefully the pets don't get bored & explore the RV beds, etc. (as in shredding, dumping,).
We traveled with 2 Yorkies & had little problem....had to be aware of heat in RV & of course they preferred our bed to theirs.
Met a couple that traveled regularly with their 5 dogs (couple Yorkies), 2 cats, and I think a their small van conversion. Cats slept w/them. :eek: :laugh: :)


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pets 'n' motorhomes

The amount of space that people require is a very personal thing. And most of what you are asking is a space issue. We met a couple who live fulltime in a 22' travel trailer and their pet is a great dane. And they feel that they have plenty of room. We live with one 40# dog in a 35', slide free, motorhome and have about the right amount of room. Another friend has left the road because their double slide, 38' motorhome was too small and they had no pets. In short, only you can make this decision. At the same time, it is very important that you keep in mind the extra care that a large dog will require as well as all of his/her other needs.