Pheonix Cruiser B-Plus

New RVer considering purchase of 03 Pheonix Cruiser B-Plus. Want any info on experience with this brand. Like the floorplan. Wondering if FordV10 engine is a gas guzzler?
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"Wondering if FordV10 engine is a gas guzzler?"

Depends on how far you put your foot into it! :laugh: It is on my Class C, but I don't think it to be much different than others in that Class.

My V10 likes to drive between 2200 and 2500 RPM in overdrive. It looses its 'umph' at around 2000 and mush shift out of overdrive. That's at around 65 MPH.

It would do much better on MPG at 55 MPH, but I just can't maintain that speed for long. I have more money than life left! :eek: ;) :)
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On a 3000 mile trip our average was ( 13.4169 miles/gallon(US)). On the hwy. I drive it at 55 mph whether it likes it or not, that's comfortable for us. The Vanguard is 23 ft. nose to tail similar to the Kodiak by the same manufacturer.
As to being a gas guzzler, I guess it's a matter of opinion but one thing definite is the performance is awesome in a smaller rig.
Now for comparison, a friend has a Pleasure Way TD, Ford powered V8 "B". A smaller engine in a lighter vehicle, however his MPG is less than the economy I get.
Cheers Willis
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A Chinook is a nice Rig Chinook is out of buisness. So your talking about a unit that is not built anymore. just because the NADA book says one figure dont mean thats what you can get it for, Its called Supply & Demand. Someone may want the unit more than you and pay a bit more for it.
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your friend has definetly got something going on with his PleasureWay either he has a lead foot or it needs a check up. That PleasureWay V8 should get 14-16mpg. Mine do.
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"That PleasureWay V8 should get 14-16mpg. Mine do."
Maybe he didn't do the calculation right, mine seems to get continuous average of 13 and for it's weight that's excellent.
One question though! do you have the 4.6 lt. or the 5.4 lt. V8?
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Pleasure-Way did not build on the 4.6L.. Only 5.4 V8 or 6.8 V10
Im almost sure he calculated wrong