Pipestem, WV

Anyone had any experience at this state run park? It sounds and looks wonderful. We'll be trying it in a few weeks in a pop up.



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I have not camped there, but this is where we had a family reunion about 20 - 30 years ago...my Dad just had his high school reunion picnic there. Mom and Dad commented on how well kept the park is after Dad's picnic. It is close to Beckley. You should visit the Tamarack (arts and crafts), Exhibition Coal Mine (just as the title suggests), New River Gorge Bridge (just as the title suggests)...
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Thanks sooo much! This campground is about 2 1/2 hours away, and using our pop up for the first time we wanted to keep things within an easy distance. Also.....I am very familiar with SML......

Thanks for the input:)

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Me and the family went there last summer and stayed in one of the cabins. Nice area and we had a great time. We just moved to Michigan from West Virgina. We really miss it. Love the scenery and WV has some great state parks. All were clean and with good service. We also went to Kumbrabow, Black Water Falls, Stonewall , Canaan Valley, Hawks Nest, North Bend, and Seneca. We also rented a house on Snowshoe Mountain. All great places to explore if you love hiking and the outdoors. The quietest place off all of them is Kumbrabow.....well at least when we were there the 3 times we tent camped there. This park is way out in the sticks and we loved it. Hope this helps you out and have fun.