Planning on buying a Class B


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Hi everyone,
My wife and I are planning on buying a Class B before long. Similar to another of your posters. We have ruled out the new Freightliner chasis due to lack of storage (none outside, little inside), and narrow width prevents sleeping crosswise.
Currently we are most interested in the Pleasure-Way Ford Excell TB. We also remain interested in Great West, Roadtrek, and Leisure Travel vans.
Main questions for experienced Class B RVers are:
1) Are your "swiveling" front seats useful? They seem hard to swivel and when positioned very vertical. What is the experience of those of you using them?
2) What is the realistic travel mileage you obtain (Interstate freeway driving and overall)?
3) How useful are the "showers"? Do you ever use the showers?
4) What general comments or tips can you provide someone who is about to buy their first Class B?
Any input would be appreciated.
- Bob


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Planning on buying a Class B

Hi Bob, we love our class B Leisure Travel Van :) It took us over a year of looking to find the most accomodating and solid built van and, without any question, the Leisure topped them all without nearing the 100K price. We owned a class C but realized we wanted a van that could be driven in regular traffic and parked in a regular parking space. My husband had stabilizers added to the wheels. Even I can drive it very happily. We don't use the shower unless the campground isn't the cleanest and find the shower very easy (just don't use the fantastic fan, the curtain sticks). Can't ever go wrong with Leisure. The company is a class a act too.


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Planning on buying a Class B

:blush: Well, I don't know if you are still interested in replies after all this time -- but I'm a Pleasure-Way owner '03 TS -- and love my vehicle, too! Gas mileage ranges around 14-15 (hilly where I travel and I use a lot of AC when driving!)...I haven't paid much attention to the mileage until recently as I am trying to sell mine now (going to be camping with my sister now and we will be using her Pleasure-Way TD instead of mine). But for carrying my 2nd home with all its conveniences on my back, I think that is good mileage! I've always done "army showers" so we don't use the shower that much -- use the outside shower for hair washing...The swiveling passenger seat works fine once you get onto the upright forward position it needs to be in to turn it -- and once it is turned, it is very comfortable and positioned nicely (especially with the small round table set up in front of it.) This was my first Class B and I talked my sis into getting one, I was so sold on it. You find your best price, a dealer or private seller you feel you can trust, and go for it! I was a Class C (Minnie-Winnie) owner previously, and have not looked back since buying my PW. A terrific vehicle that goes anywhere, parks in a regular space, and gives me a lot of Pleasure!