Portable Generator

Looking to buy a portable generator for my Travel Trailers. Can anyone tell me the minimun size generator I can get away with? Home depot has a good price on a coleman 3750 watt generator is that enough power to run my central ducted air unit? I know enough about electricity to know better than to mess with it, & that's about it!
So any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Portable Generator

Good morning mrt57mrk! I'm very new to the forum myself but there are a lot of helpful folks out here. From the experiences I have had with 6 years of camping, I'd say the wattage isn't as important as amps. Most campers require a 30 amp supply...some even 50 amps. A friend of mine has a 3500 watt generator, but it is a 30 amp and it ran a 13,500 btu a/c with no problem. My father in law has a 5,500 watt generator but it will not pull his 13,500 btu a/c without tripping the breaker on the generator. I'm looking to buy a generator myself, but I'm looking at a 7,500 watt 30 amp supply. I just don't want to burn my a/c up. I've been told that they can take a burned out a/c unit and see if it was run with low amps and it will not be covered under warranty if that's the case. I guess I just like being on the safe side.

Hope this helps!
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Good luck!
Portable Generator

Think about... can I pick it up... can I move it myself...is it so noisy other campers will put a contract out on me, how long will it run on a tank of gas.