potential motorhome owners


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Thanks to Gary for answering my question about vehicle inspection. :laugh:
My husband is flying to Florida tomorrow to look at a 37 ft Winnebago Elante at Lazy Days Supercenter. He's done a lot of research and we've looked at a lot of RVs. Asking price is $33K. We like all it's features except for the black leather driver's & passenger's seats. It has everything else we want including Banks drive system, air suspension, interior AC and low profile and an inverter. We like the layout of the Elante.
MY CONCERNS are it's length. :( I swear I won't drive it until I take lessons. I've driven big pickup and big tractors so I can probably learn this but I'm very anxious. Can anyone offer me any calming words?

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potential motorhome owners

Hi Ann,
If you have driven tractors and trucks the MH should be a breeze. On the road the length won't make that much difference other than expect some sway and roll but you will get used to that. The length might take a little getting used to in close places, turning and backing. Watch for the semi's passing :eek: . With proper supension, loading, tire pressure and remembering it's a truck you will be ok :)


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potential motorhome owners

Re those seats - you could cover them with 'saddleblanket' seat covers. Ones custom made for those seats should be perhaps $80 for a set, and will last 'forever'.

Driving on the straights should be no problem at all. Turning corners will take a bit of practice to avoid the rear cutting across the corner. Generally you will want to pull further farther than you are used to before starting the turn, then turn a little more sharply.