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I was reading on a few of the posts about paying apx 25% off the MSRP. I am looking at either purchasing a used Class A Diesel or a new 5th wheel & was wondering what I should be expecting to pay? I wasn't sure if it was different depending on if it was a Class A or 5th wheel. Thanks so much, I am just so glad I found this site everyone is so helpful.


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Re: Pricing?

Used is a whole different ball of wax. For that, you can get an 'idea' of the value by looking in NADA or Blue Book. The prices of interest are:

Wholesale - this is what the dealer will allegedly pay.
Low Retail - this is the lower end of the price range paid to a dealer
Average Retail - this is the average price paid to a dealer.

These are, of course, only guides, based on past performance, and probably a bit out of date. However, they should be of use, particularly since banks and other loan sources tend to use them.

If you buy from a private party, you should be aiming for a price below low retail but above wholesale in order that both of you are 'winners'. If you buy from a dealer, the closer to low retail, the better.