Problems with 2003 fleetwood providence


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Dear Sir /Madam

In 2003 my wife and I purchased a 2003 Fleetwood Providence motorhome. I know that people expect to have a few problems with their new units, but I don’t think they feel that they will have this many things go wrong. I think your readers might be amused by this list of problems. It may even make them feel lucky. This is a list of items that were worked on either by the dealer or at the factory. After four trips to the factory and numerous trips to the dealer we now have an air conditioner that cycles on and off on and off.11 times in 3 minutes. Our lights dim when the air comes on, and our electrical bin still leaks, and the bathroom wall still separates from the cabinet when the sun shines on the driver side wall. I greatly appreciate all the help I received from Dan Delong and Larry Rogers at the factory as they fixed many problems we had, even the ones that were out of warranty. The fact remains that when you spend $200,000 you shouldn’t have near this many problems. I work for a power company which means a lot of night shifts. My wife is so afraid of this unit because of the fire under our bed (a loose wire in a junction box), and a fire in the rear air conditioner either of which could have been fatal if my wife had been sleeping, that she now stays up until I come home at 7 in the morning, because she’s afraid to sleep when I’m not home.

1. Very first day the gears fell out of entry awning.
2. Galley slide leaks. Had to keep main awning out for 17 months as dealer could not fix.
3. All drawers were hard to work until factory replaced slides. 17 months later.
4. Dealer replaced DVD player twice but surround sound never worked until factory found that they had the coaxial cables were crossed. 29 months after purchased.
5. Dealer had to replace outside lighted handle.
6. Dealer had to replace inside lighted handle.
7. Dealer had to replace blind over bed.
8. Dealer had to reseal roof vent in kitchen.
9. Dealer replaced tub enclosure.
10. Dealer resealed outside bins several times. They still leak.
11. Dealer adjusted all drawers several times.
12. Dealer replaced rear A/C, as copper tubing split filling the coach with gas.
13. Dealer replaced door awning motor.
14. Had electrical fire under bed. I fixed problem.
15. Factory replaced mattress.
16. Factory resealed roof over bedroom closet. Water caused mold problem.
17. Factory replaced.dinette cushions.
18. Factory replaced circuit board in refrigerator as it would not swap from electric to gas.
19. Factory replaced light cover as it fell off while driving.
20. Factory replaced sofa slide motor, as slide was coming out while driving.
21. Factory replaced light over dinette.
22. Factory fixed drain leak in shower.
23. Factory lowered drain on shower so it would drain.
24. Factory adjusted main awning arms.
25. Factory replaced headlight. It was full of moister.
26. Factory replaced washer and dryer. It was extremely noisy.
27. Factory had to reroute hoses and wiring in slide right of fridge. They kept tearing panel off slide.
28. Factory replaced dinette shade because it was stained from water leak.
29. Factory replaced seal on dinette slide front window.
30. Factory adjusted latch on bathroom door.
31. Factory changed door keeper on bathroom door and replaced with a magnet. The ball bearings were on the floor.
32. Factory replaced wind sensor for awning.
33. Factory replaced A/C thermostat.
34. Factory resealed galley slide.
35. Factory resealed dinette slide.
36. Factory replaced rear A/C, as it had caught on fire.
37. Factory installed braces on TV, as it was ready to fall out when driving.
38. Factory resealed front cap.
39. Factory took apart and resealed tub enclosure. It had leaked for over 18 months.
40. Factory replaced sofa blind.
41. Factory resealed roof over bedroom closet. Water caused mold problem.
42. Factory had lavy carpet cleaned because of all the leaks.
43. Factory replaced bedroom window because of condensation between panels.
44. Factory resecured galley wall where it separated.
45. Factory sealed flooring around shower because of water leaks.
46. Factory replaced entry awning motor.
47. Factory replaced igniters in stove.
48. Factory did hi-pot test because of all the electrical problems.
49. Factory found loose wires in junction box.
50. Factory resecured shower surround, as it had come loose from wall.
51. Factory resecured galley door interior panel.
52. Factory resealed luggage compartments and doors. Electrical compartment still leaks.
53. Factory replaced latch on dinette slide window.
54. Factory replaced r/s washer nozzle.
55. Factory resecured shower hose.
56. Factory resecured panel in bedroom slide.
57. Factory adjusted generator door hinges.
58. Factory resealed #5 luggage bin because water was getting in receptacle.
59. Factory replaced all control modules for slides.
60. Factory replaced slide switches on bedroom slides.
61. Ton Johnson adjusted cutoff safety switch at rear TV for bedroom slides. For eight months I had to manually put bedroom slides in and out because this switch is not on the schematics for this unit.
62. I replaced A/C thermostat because it froze up and wouldn’t work.

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Problems with 2003 fleetwood providence

All I can say is WOW :eek: Think I'll just keep my HR vacationer.


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Problems with 2003 fleetwood providence

I think you shouold write that up in a formal letter and snail mail to to the CEO of Fleetwood and see what his response is. That list is almost criminally long.