prodigy brake control


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Any special tricks in using and setting up the Prodigy control will be appreciated. I am installing it now in NC and plan to drive to Texas to pick up a 36 ft 5th wheel trailer. Should the boost be set at level 3 for large trailers?

Gary B

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prodigy brake control

Hi bobnc, really no special tricks at all just do as the instructions say and start with the first level of boost, and see how you like it. I have only the first level on mine when towing a 30' 5er, some folks don't use any boost and others use more. Have a good trip and welcome to the forum. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
prodigy brake control

I have to concur with Gary B, I just set mine up per the instructions, I then after driving with it backed the boost off some. If going down a long steep grade I will bring it up a little but that's about it. Under normal driving conditions I like equal brake power between the trailer & the tow vehicle. For what it's worth, the money i spent on my prodigy is the best money I've spent, I love this thing ! :)