Propane and Water Heater Question

As a new RV owner, I'm still asking questions and learning. Actually spent four day, three night Thanksgiving in my new unit, and everything worked fine. With below freezing temps, was still warm.

I do have a couple of questions concerning it getting cold even here in the south. When I open the drain valves for my greywater and blackwater tanks, does this also drain my water heater? I do not want to have to worry about adding any type of antifreeze solution.

The other question. I have two thirty pound propane tanks. When using these for cooking and for heat, about how long is each tank supposed to last approximately? Don't want to get stuck in the boonies without gas.

2002 F-350 PSD dualie
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Propane and Water Heater Question

Welcome to the world of camping. As for draining your holding tanks,that does not drain your hot water heater. You do that outside,where your water heater is. Just take out the drain plug and away it goes.

As for how long your tanks will last depends on how much you run the gas furnace. I dont know how long one will last but I do know that 1 full 30 gallon tank has lasted me a week in the cold mountains. Hope this info helps.

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Propane and Water Heater Question

Hi buckbs, Wayne is right on with draining your water heater, but one added thing be sure to vent it to get all the water out, you can do this by opening fuacets in the rig or opening the pop off valve while draining. In cold weather a 30 lb lp tank lasts about a week, (by cold I mean in the 30's maybe dipping into the high 20's. What we do is carry another LP tank with us that way if we are boondocking and way from a LP filling station we have extra. :) :cool: :approve: