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We have recently had a very strange experience: Our onboard propane detector started behaving oddly at intermittent times. For no apparent any hour (DAY OR NIGHT!!) it would start beeping it's alarm!

We did a thorough inspection of all propane hoses, pipes, connections, furnaces, stove, hot water heater, etc....EACH TIME it blared!!! When we couldn't find any problems (no bubbles w/soapy water, no odors, no flames where there are not supposed to be flames) we turned off the propane and gave it a rest.

When we turned it back on again, it would be fine for weeks at a time. Then, again for no apparent reason the alarm would go off again!

This went on for a few rhyme nor reason. Finally, took the coach in to Suburban Propane to have them do a complete inspection...their conclusion: Your Propane detector is defective.

OK....that's least all the lines and everything are ok and we did the right thing making sure we had a complete inspection.

Bought a new propane detector and it works great....not a peep out of it since we plugged it in 2 months ago. I sent the old one back to CCI (the manufacturer) and asked them to please send me a check for the cost of the new one...and I enclosed the receipt.

CCI sent a box back to me...and I thought...."HMMMMMMMMMMMm that's strange, I was expecting a check." I opened the box and there is what I thought was a NEW propane detector. Upon reading the packing slip enclosed, it stated, "Return to customer, detector is working fine."

What does this mean??? Was Suburban Propane wrong? Was there really nothing wrong with the detector? If so, why did it alway beep? How come the new one is good?

Strange happenings....we are holding onto the old one and keeping the new one plugged in.

Has anyone ever had anything like this occur??
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When your batteries get low, the LP detector will beep also. It is a different beep than when it detects LP. Don't know if that is the answer, but if they say it is working, don't know what else to suggest.

Good Luck


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U said in the Class A forum ,, something about an eletrical surge ,, i am thinking maybe this could have caused u'r propane dect. to act erattic ...
Did it do it before the surge or after ????
Sorry ,, just like finding out the real poop on stuff,, no offence meant ;) :) :)
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Thanks to both of answer your questions:

Grandview: I am RELIGIOUS about monitoring the batteries...I check them on the first of every month. Clean and add water (as necessary).

730: Thanks for being so observant...and under other circumstances I would agree with you regarding the electric surge....however this weirdness with the LP detector started and ended long before the power surge.

No offense taken. I am grateful and OPEN to all thougths and ideas....this is the purpose of this forum!!!


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Could the alarm have been caused by something other than propane? Your propane detector is really looking for hydrocarbons. That is usually propane but it can be caused by several other things. Formaldehyde has been known to cause them to alarm and another gas that will always do it is methane. One of the most strange that I know of was caused by an elderly dog that slept next to the propane detector and set it off at night, with flatulence! the folks moved the dog bed, no more alarms. Some other things that can set one off, hair spray, gas from wet cell batteries that may be gassing, nearly any flammable gas.


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Funny how u don't think about stuff (at the moment) but u do after someone else post it ,, or it hits u @3 am ,, been there ,, dreamed that ,,, :laugh: ;)
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Interesting...never thought of all those other possibilities. I wish I could say, "AH HA!!! EUREKA!!" But, I can't....we don't use any kind of aerosol sprays and the dog is quite flatuent free -- thank Goodness!!!
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I have just gone through a very similar situation. At first I noticed the light blinking . Then I tried the push to test function---no beep. I removed the sensor from the rv and connected to a battery, still blinking and no test. Went to camping world and bought a new one---problem solved--coach is 6 yrs old.
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A lot of times with electronic stuff you will get an item that is intermittant. It will work fine for a while and then not work right once. When you sent the unit back did you let them know that it was acting up intermittently? If not they wouldn't have known to let it sit for hours or days on the battery. Those silly things are made overseas and don't cost shinola to build. I am supprised they didn't send a new one to you just to keep you happy.