Propane issues, I need help!


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Ok I bought a quikfire fire ring it is a high pressure gas, so I put a tee in before my RV regulator to get high pressure..Wrong! there is a small fitting in the green nut connector that won,t let enough pressure out of it to run the fire ring? I put an old fashion end on the propane bottle, the one that screws in on the inside of the propane valve, and the orfice is larger so it works fine.
So my question is can I remove the inner orfice of the green cap to open the end more like the old fashion one?
The quikfire ring has a high pressure regulator to control the propane.


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Re: Propane issues, I need help!

As they say, "You might be playing with fire!"

That fire ring is usually sold with a regulator designed to be attached to a propane tank. Where do you see that it runs on "high pressure gas?"



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RE: Propane issues, I need help!

The owner of the company that sells them told me that, plus there is no way it would run on low pressure. as it barely run on high.