Pull outs not working on new RV

Just brought our new 2007 Georgie Boy Pursuit (Class A) home last week and both pull outs were working just fine. Now, for some reason or another they do nothing; this is so frustrating. I called the manufacturer and I wrote down some things to check (don't have them on me at this moment) but I was wondering if any of you have ever had this problem and if you have any ideas on what could be wrong. All the hatches are closed and the breakers are okay. Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.
D. Shavers


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RE: Pull outs not working on new RV

If I have my key turned on my slideouts will not open. Also I have three power kill switches on my rv one just inside the front door that looks like a light switch, one by the batteries and one in the right front storage box, any one of the three will kill my power. Are you hooked to a shore line or trying to open with your batteries by themselves or using the generator? Try adding which one you are not using and see if it helps with the problem.
Re: Pull outs not working on new RV

just some thought:
on newer class A MH's, the slideouts will not operate unless the MH engine is running.
also on MH with air-bags, the air must be dumped out before leveling and operating the slideouts.

on my 2007 Fleetwood Expedition 38v, bought it new four months ago. the dealer had replaced two slideout sensors, and two slideout switches.
they also had to re-align the slideout which was off by approximately 2.5 inches.
the levelers are not operating and dealer had ordered a set of new ones :question: humm..
Re: Pull outs not working on new RV

Set the parking brake. Try the slides again. On many RVs the parking brake has to be engaged for the slides to work.