PUP towing with T&C minivan - getting conflicting info

Sorry to start out with yet another towing question, but I'm trying to resolve conflicting information.

I have a 2005 Chrysler T&C minivan...3.3L engine, owners manual says 1800# without towing package, 3800# with towing package.

PUP we're looking at is right at 1800# empty, and we don't have the towing package, so we're sticking with tent camping...

But 2000# is quite a range. I called the salesperson we bought it from (_very_ good guy, this is our 2nd from him and he'll get #3 if we buy Chrysler and they're still around then) to find out how much of the towing package can be added on after the fact, and what that would buy us in towing capacity. He's not in, so I spoke to someone in the parts department, he said he'd look up our VIN and research it and get back to us. Meanwhile, the salesperson calls back and says "no way with the 3.3L". Then the parts guy calls back and says the only thing missing is the hitch & wiring; transmission cooler is already there and there's no difference in the suspension. $440 (!) to install the hitch and they'll verify that his research and the vehicle match when we bring it in.

Any advice on sorting this out? Call another dealer? Find someone here that's already towing with a 3.3L T&C minivan (hint, hint) ?

RE: PUP towing with T&C minivan - getting conflicting info

I don't think you'll be happy towing with that vehicle since you'll be maxed out. Hate to say it but if it were me I'd try and move up to a larger tow vehicle, I don't think the 3.3 is gonna do it. JMTC.

DL Rupper

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Re: PUP towing with T&C minivan - getting conflicting info

Hey Buzzcut, welcome to the forum. I agree. 3.3 just ain't going to handle it.