Purchasing an RV from RVoutlet in Ringgold VA


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My wife and myself just purchased a new Wolfpack toy hauler from the RV outlet in Ringgold Va, I’m a handicapped veteran and need to transport a golf cart and a scooter when we travel and this was one of the best options for us, we were reading their advertisements on the internet and found what we thought was a wonderful deal. When they say it’s to good to be true and usually is, they are correct. The price was great and the list of options, we had the financial part set up by the dealer with no issues, which was awesome, we had to wait for pick up because of hitch installation, and delayed us two weeks. So when we were able to go to the dealer to pick up the unit, buying site unseen , with only pictures over the internet, we felt deceived. The price had changed by 1500.00 the down payment had changed by 430.00 and was not disclosed until it was time for pick up, this was the first thing that was upsetting, the second thing was the units description on the internet was misleading as far as options, no ladder to the roof, no self leveling system and no starter kit. (I’ve owned quite a few campers from tow behind to very large fifth wheels, so this wasn’t my first camper or my first dealership I’ve dealt with.) Third, there was damage to the camper that they tried to hide and cover up and was no mentioned in the walk through and wasn’t noticed because of the hasty walk through, the dealership is four hours from our home so most repairs are done by myself and the dealership was told this at pick up. They kept making excuses why and how they can’t do things, this was a BIG RED FLAG, we were in need of the unit because of travel needs for our families needs so the purchase went forward, aggravated and mad we continue to connect to the unit with the help of the service department and we proceeded to home. When home, and further inspection of the unit the issues began to arise, the dealership was called and trying to make arrangements for repairs, the salesman wasn’t putting his best foot forward to help and continue to say we can’t do that, that’s wasn’t included. I proceeded to send advertisement, stating it was on the description. The was told it could be added. I proceeded to explain that the add was very misleading and should be changed. I did buy the unit, because of the need, note to everyone, never purchase a unit from this dealership without seeing it and actually walking through it before making an offer, never take a deal without an e-mail copy of the deal or something in writing. Verbal means nothing to them. They will do the least amount possible to try to appease you and keep you silent. Not all dealerships are like this and maybe not every deal at this dealership, but beware and really go through unit well and without salesman to distract you from what you want to look at and for damage.