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I am new to the RV world. I was a big time boater and can buy and sell them with ease. However we now have a 2 year old and decided to start camping instead. We live in Florida so tents are out.

I have a 2005 Ford Expedition so I can tow up to 9,000 pounds, but I don't want to go that high. I found a Gulf Stream Streamlite 30QBSS that only weighs in at 4,540 and a total GVW of 6,550. I am leaning toward getting one, but I was unsure about pricing.
My question is I found one locally for around $24,000, but at RVwholesalers the same exact one with the same features is only $16,000. Even if I add in shipping to Florida it still is only $17,500. how can that be and is it too good to be true?



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Re: Questions on first time purchase

Dan, what you meant to say is, "Mama laid down the law, and if we're going camping then we're doing it with style!" :clown:

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Re: Questions on first time purchase

Dan, I am sure Grandview Trailer Sales (GTS) on this forum will be able to help you out. He is "my dealer," but I am willing to share! Heck, he may be able to save you even more money. $6,500 is a lot of money, no doubt. Is the local deal a good dealer? If you buy from RVWholesalers, will your local dealer be the one to do any warranty work? Are you sure both trailers have exactly the same packages and extras? Check out and see the exact listing of supposed options for this model.

Your local price may represent what the dealer has posted while your on-line price may represent the "bottom line." If so, you are comparing apples to oranges. Give your local dealer (and GTS) a chance to work up a real deal for you. By the way, GTS's quote on my trailer was lower than anything I was able to get on-line.


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Re: Questions on first time purchase

you should be able to get a better deal on the 30qbss,,, there quoting you close to MSRP and seeing how it's not going to be made for this years line up they should deal with you, I just sold one for 17,200.00 two weeks ago. It is a very nice floor plan but if it's not in the line up for this year I think it would be a hard sell for MSRP . As for the internet dealers???? the big draw back there is alote of dealers wont do warranty work for you locally, but I havent found to many dealers that would not help out a camper in distress while on a trip........ walk in with your check book in your hand ,let them know it's not a currant floor plan and tell them what you are willing to pay. if you can get it for 18 or so buy it,,, and enjoy it with your family.

if they wont deal with you give me a call or GTS a call he's alot closer than where i am ( IOWA )

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