R-Vision Condor

Does anyone have any experience with this type Motorhome. I ma considering a purchase of one and would like to know if there are any issues with this Manufacturer or Model.

R-Vision Condor

don't about the Condor but My son-in-law has a R-Vision trailer and had a problem with a ladder breaking and R-Vision wouldn't do anything about it. They were even rude and said they didn't care if he bought another one or not. The unit is about 6 months old. Wouldn't buy R-Vision again.
Hope this helps
R-Vision Condor

I have a Trail-lite MH which is basically the same. The workmanship leaves a little or lot to be desired, but they are an entry level unit and I think in comparison to other entry level Motorhomes they are about the same. If it's in your budget and you like the layout, just check it over really close before you buy and/or leave the dealership.