Ranking trailers and 5th wheels


Is there anything on the net or anywhere else that ranks manufacturers according to quality? Who makes cheap trailers, who makes middle of the road and who makes good ones? I have found in the past price is not always the best indicator. With so many companies and builders how do you rate them? Is there somethin like a consumers report for RV's? Obviously when you go lookin for RV's the fella that is selling X trailers doesn't carry Y because they have found them to be trouble. Then you go somewhere else and fine they Y guy saying that X is nothin but trouble. Is there a big difference in these units?

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Ranking trailers and 5th wheels

Thumbs, Yes, consumers report does have rvs rated in their guide. I don't know if they have them in any kind of order. The guide can be found in most book stores. Ever notice how some dealers tend to switch brands ever few years and have the ones they were knocking before and then the units are suddenly made better!!

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Ranking trailers and 5th wheels

The RV Consumers Group rates all types of RVs for safety, durability, value, etc., in their "RV Rating Book." You can purchase the rating book from their website, www.rv.org, or you should be able to find a copy in your local library.