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I'm new to the fun - seems like Class C about 25 feet is the right way for my wife and me. The dodge sprinter chassis vehicles look intriguing, with the diesel look like they are selling in the $70's and higher. Gas models with similar features are $5 to $10,000 less. I might drive 10K per year on average over the next 5 yrs.
3 questions: 1, Considering resale and guessing about the future price of gas/diesel, which is the best way to go?

2, When I look at a typical ad, the msrp might be listed as, say, $109,000 and the selling price might be $79,000. How much lower than that can I negotiate to in this current market? I live in the northeast.

3. If I were to consider buying used, in the 24 to 27 foot range, what should I consider, with how many miles max, etc. Or in this market am I nuts to think about used?

thanks for any help, Steve