rear RV bike rack


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We have a 2015 Shasta Flyte 225RS travel trailer. It has a spare tire on the back. I'm looking for a rear bike rack that can accommodate 4 bikes on the rear bumper. Is there such a thing? It seems like the ones I have seen, won't actually take 4 bikes because it looks like the spare tire will be in the way. I'm also trying to find on the Shasta flyte what the bumper is "rated" for weight capacity...can't find it. Pretty much found all the other stats for the trailer!!

Bill Bard

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Be careful! I built a 3 bike rack on the back bumper of my Palomino Pony and it threw the balance off quite a bit. It was not stable going down the road. I had to drive about 60 kms/hr to keep it from swaying dangerously.