Rear View Video

I see some portable DVD players have Audio/Video(composite) input. I was wondering if It would be practical to combine one with a mini CCD camera mounted to the back of your coach or trailer and use that as a rear viewing system. I would think the sysem could be put together for less than $200 and be in color. Does anyone have knowledge about this stuff?


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Rear View Video

Possible? Certainly. Practical? That is another question entirely.

You will need a way to provide power to the camera, and get the signal from the camera to the display. Wireless might be the easiest, but much more expensive.

Then there is mounting the display so it is useful for rear viewing. And making sure you are never caught watching a video or TV while driving :)
Re: Rear View Video

You will have to purchase a "reverse image" camera, but this setup would work fine. If you use a regular camera, the image on the screen would be backwards. In otherwords, if you see a car on the screen passing on the passenger side, it would actually be on the driver side. This is very confusing, more so when backing. A reverse image camera is not as easy to find, but a search on ebay sould bring up a page or two full.
Re: Rear View Video

For a little over $200 you can get a black and white back-up cam system. $225.00 to be exact and it has sound as well. Just go to . Look under accessories and you'll see it. Its made in China just like the more expensive ones. Infact its the same system as some of those costing $400+. I have installed a few in the past year and haven't had any problems.