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We just acquired a 1993 35' Fleetwood Bounder with a factory installed reiever hitch. Does anyone know the weight capacity of this hitch? I am looking at getting a full sized motorcycle [ cruiser] lift and have been to understand that it requires a pretty heavy duty weight capacity - several thousand Lbs. I don't want to tear the back off my motor home and I sure don't want to see my bike bouncing down the road behind me. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.


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first welcome to the forum ,, second do u have any or have access to any manuals on u'r coach???? It will tell u the capacity of the hitch ,, if not try looking on the hitch ,, most times it i stamped into the metal of the hitch somewhere ,,, let us know back what u find ,, IMO i think u'll be ok with the setup u want ,,, i had a 30ft CrossCountry and i pulled a 16ft car trailer with a 74 ford pickup on it once from out west ,, and had no probs ,, but i would rather u be safe then sorry ,,, for u'r peice of mind anyway :approve: :approve: :approve: :) :) ;)


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Re: reciever capacity

Often the hitches on the back of motorhomes have a large towing capacity, like 10K pounds or even more. This weight rating is in line with the hitch. The other key measurement is the 'pin weight' or maximum pull perpendicular to the hitch. This is usually much smaller, like 700 pounds.

Both the values should be specified in the manuals and on the hitch and often on the sticker with all the weight ratings on the back of one of the cabinet doors.

I would be very surprized if your hitch could handle even 1000 pounds vertically, much less several thousand. Your best bet will probably turn out to be a small trailer for the bike, possibly enclosed to carry other stuff too.