Refer on Inverter Power

[Jim M] Thinking about running an AC only refridg on the inverter at night to keep from disturbing neighbors with my generator.
The samll refer I have in mind will draw about 3.2 amps of AC and about 40 or so amps of DC on inverter power. Does any one know what a typical duty cycle for an unattended refer is. That is, how minutes is it likely to run in an 8 hour period with no one opening the door.
Refer on Inverter Power

[Art] I have read in many other posts that the "average" run time for the compressor is about 50%.

With good house batteries, you should have no trouble running it all night (unless you also need to run the heater).

If you are in an area that is cold enough to need a heater at night, consider turning the refrigerator off. As long as you don&#039t open the door, you will be surprised how cold things will stay over night.

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