Refidge. won&#039t come on

[Paul B] HELP!!! Going on vacation on the 30th of June. Pilot lite works but not the fridg. Have checked the fuses, circuit breaker, and connections. It is a Dometic model. What else can I do to check this out???? Thanks in advance. Paul
Refidge. won&#039t come on

[Gary B] Hi Paul, what model Dometic do you have? By saying the pilot is on I take it you mean the burner is burning (most refers don&#039t have pilot lights)if the burner is working and you aren&#039t getting any cooling, there are several possiblities, if it&#039s and older manual model, it could be a bad thermostat, a clogged burner orfice, low LP gas pressure (should be 10 to 11 inchs WC), if it is a newer elctronically controlled model it could be the circuit board or most of the above, you may want to check out they have an excellent refer site, good luck and happy trails GB
Refidge. won&#039t come on

[mark c] I had the same problem on mine
what it was is there is a tube that reads if the flame is on it heats up if it doesnt it cuts off the gas that may be whats wrong with yours