Refrigerator Question


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I hope someone here can point me in the right direction. I have a 1988 Dolphin (Class C) motorhome that has been in storage a long, long time. I am getting it cleaned up and ready to travel, but everytime I plug in it's refrigerator, it blows a fuse on the outlet at my house. I am clueless on where to start to find the problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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Refrigerator Question

Does the refrigerator work when operating from propane? It sounds to me as though the 120V-ac heating element is shorted. I am assuming that the power works in the RV if your refrigerator is not plugged in? I would start by locating the heating element on the box. It will be near the location of the propane heat source. It is easy to identify as it will have two wires attached to it. Trace those wires back to the control circuit board and you will find that the connections can be removed from the board. If you lift those connections and then try plugging it in again. If this time the refrigerator does not work, but also does not trip the breaker of blow a fuse, you have found the problem. If you have a meter, you can check the element that way. It should read about 40 ohms. If it is less than 10 ohms it is definitely bad. These elements are not expensive or difficult to replace.

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Refrigerator Question

What size extension cord are you using and how long is it.
When you start building up heat and resistance in a cord the voltage drops and the amperage goes up dramatically and poof there goes the breaker.