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Thanks Ken,

Reading HOLLIS's post, it sounds like he buys it online.. Since I don't shop online and since the Dollar Tree store doesn't sell it, do you know what stores do carry it ?

Kirk says he bought a gallon size of concentrate, but I don't need that much... Whats the smallest size container it comes in ?
Do you know about how much the smallest size cost?

I'd like to try it if I can find it and it doesn't cost an arm and leg. :)



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Reliable is not a cheap product but something that makes washing my motorhome as much easier as it does will get my business even so. My sore mussels are worth the extra cost. And Ken does have it on his website under products.
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DL Rupper,
Hi, I just signed up on this web site And Have a few questions. Two days ago we had a pretty bad thunder storm, for some reason my lights and air conditioner quite.
I still hav electric coming in all the outlets work, micro, tv and anything that is plugged in. Checked the fuses and breakers none were blown reset breakers just
cause with no evail. Would welcome any insight to this problem you or anyone else could offer. My rig is a 1996 Prowler TT :( :(

Please help Pepper

DL Rupper

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Hey Pepper, welcome to the forum. I'm on an unexpected family problem trip to Dayton, Oh and my mind isn't concentrating very well at the moment. Off hand it sounds rather strange in that your lights are probably 12 V and your air conditioner is 120 V . Sounds like some kind of power surge that got selective in what it took out. I'm sure 730, Grandview Trailer Sales or Kirk might have some advice. They are all experienced with RV repairs. Sorry I couldn't help more. :(


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I hope every thing turns out ok DL ,, and yes i would be glad to help out ,,,
Pepper,, let ne re read u'r post and i'll get back to u.. :)


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Ok pepper ,, welcome to the forum ...
Were u plugged into shore power when this hit???
Also what all did u have running at the time of the outage???
Did u have any type of surge portector attached to the shore line???
Sorry for the ques.. but gotta know..
Do u have ANY 12 volt power at all ,, etc ,, lights water pump,, and such???
Post us back and we'll go from there...
I hope everything is ok with DL's family... :) :)
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I've tried almost every product the RV dealers and Walmart sells. The easiest product I've found for my boats, rv and anything that is plastic or fiberglass is 2 cups of bleach and l cup of laundry detergent (no foaming) mixed in pump yard sprayer. You can work yourself to death or let the solution clean. MEAN GREEN from DOLLAR GENERAL at $2.00 a quart has been a mainstay for my boats and rv's. If you have bad stains on bottom of boat put SNOW BOWL toilet cleaner in flat plastic bowl and dip scrubbing bruch or large paint brush and wipe on stain, bingo, gone in 1 to 2 minutes. Two or three applications for old deep stains.
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Reliable's most visible attribute is on the bugs that fly into the front of your vehicle ( :clown: ). They immediately melt into a brown runoff.

I've easily lifted 6 months worth of tree droppings (not normal; a test) from the roof of my MH AFTER washing half of it with my normal soap-stuff. Then I washed the soap-washed half because it was obvious after seeing it against the Reliable.

Reliable isn't magic, though. It won't make that discolored plastic trim look like new again. I haven't found any cleaner that will.

It will take wax off (at full strength) so the waxed side of my covered trailer looked bad when I did a spot on it. I took out some paste wax, applied and dried and buffed, and I couldn't find the spot. Still can't.

Don't put it on bare aluminum. It will discolor and streak that. I haven't found a cure yet. (The fenders on my covered trailer are bare aluminum.)

I'm satisfied. Buy it from Ken @ Grandview Trailer Sales. He went out of his way to get what I ordered to me at the best price. (It wasn't a normal RV-type order.)