Renewing carpet

Just bough an 03 Four Winds 5er. Fantastic shape except for the carpet. Seems prior owner had a cat or two and the oder in the carpet is more than I can live with. I have tried numerous OTC deoderizers and cleaners with no success. Last resort is changing the carpet. Unit has a 16' slide. Looking for input from those that have done a complete carpet renewal. Slide looks difficult to get carpet out from under. Anybody outthere have suggestions? I have about 5 months to work evenings before the big trip.

Renewing carpet

i used to work at a pet store and we would always use nature's miracle which can be found at petco and pet smart. worked great for us and i use it at my house with my 3 dogs 2 cats. works good hope that helps you out
Renewing carpet

Most OTC carpet cleaning products are only marginally effective. Before you go the route of ripping out the carpet, have a professional carpet cleaner take a crack at cleaning and deodorizing what you already have--usually they can do a far better job with cat pee than you can.

Given the irregular and cramped floor space, not to mention the slideout complications, I'm sure that replacing RV carpeting is a costly endavor. Look at the bottoms of your cabinets--most likely they are ON TOP of carpeting. When they manufacture an RV, I think they make a deck, put wall-to-wall carpet/linoleum on it, put all the cabinets and stuff on top of the carpet, and then attach the sides and roof. What this means is that even if you cut out the old carpet and replace it, you will still have remnants of the original carpet under the edges of your cabinets, dinette, etc.


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Renewing carpet

The cats stuff went into the carpet pad. The only way is to take it all out is remove the carpet and pad. Problem one, the carpet was layed down first then the cabnets were layed on top. You'll need to cut all around the wall to get it out. Lay the new down just the same as you would in a house, tack strips and etc. Any carpet dealer can do it.