rental fleet used class c. good value or???

looking at buying a used c class america has a lot nearby with rental units they sell.
they all seem high mileage.but have features and floor plan we like.
have shopped around for units and although these have been rented and used by anyone off the street I think they have been maintained well.
any one have any experience???
first time poster been lurking for awhile but its spring time in the n.w. and I got the bug :cool:
Thanks Roger
rental fleet used class c. good value or???

I can only speak for myself.....I would never buy a used rental. My reasons are to many to list.

Gary B

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rental fleet used class c. good value or???

Hi Roger, most rental units are very well maintained and most likely better then a lot of used units on the market. If its a rig you like the floor plan is what you like and the price is right, look it over at least twice and go for it. Remeber the Cruise America isn't the largest rv rental company by having junk on the road, they have to be maintained, and yes many folks who rent them have never used a rv before, but theres just aqs many maybe more that buy a rig and have never camped before and they make the same mistales, but many of them never bother to fix their mistakes they just keep going until they have to make repairs, a rental company doesn't have that luxury, the unit must be in good condition for the next customer.
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rental fleet used class c. good value or???

I probably would avoid a rental...people don't tend to take care of something they rent for short time. And..we took a factory tour of Thor Four Winds and happened to see a rental being built. Our guide showed where they DO cut corners on rental units (more esthetics...less carpet, less trim)but something to think about..the rental units are built as such and are not "first quality".
Watch the classifieds, e-bay and RV Trader mags; plus check dealers for "show" prices this time of year.
If you hang on, the "snowbirds" will be coming home & thinking about selling their rigs for an upgrade.
Good Luck & happy RVing! :) :laugh:
rental fleet used class c. good value or???

thank you all for your advice and comments
We had quite a turn of events this week. The in laws bought a new 27' winnebago sightseer :eek: . so they offered us there old unit a 94 28'coronado class A :eek:
They bought it new and have records for anything ever done to is on a ford chassis which has a straight axle in front and rear disc brakes, in a truck app. I think they would call it a
"super duty". I am curious as what the the weight and towing capacity is as I would like to tow a 16' cargo trailer with a few bikes (Bultaco of course :laugh: )
I was favoring a class c but the deal on this was to good to pass up knowing its history and givin our budget.
thanks again.
Will keep you posted Roger
rental fleet used class c. good value or???

Better check the weights and towing capacity before towing that 16' trailer. Sounds iffy. :question: