Renting an RV for 3 weeks


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I wish to rent an RV next Summer for 3 weeks. This is our first RV trip so I am the ultimate newbie. My wife and I are taking our 7 and 10 year old and we wish to go visit some national parks out West (Grand Canyon etc.). We would rather have more space than less as well as convenience. We live in New Jersey if that makes a difference re. the questions below.

Whom should we rent from?
Should we fly out and rent out West?
Any good sites with advice (besides this one!) for renters?
Anything else we should know?


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Re: Renting an RV for 3 weeks

Hey louisd, welcome to the forum. If you have alot of time rent locally and drive out West. If you are pressed for time, fly out and rent. You do need to make reservations well ahead of when you need the RV. Most renters go for Class C Motorhomes. You would probably need a 26' Class C. I'm sure if you use the Internet and Google RV Rentals you will come up with plenty of rental sites.
Make sure you visit as many Red Rock Nat'l Parks in Utah as you can (Bryce, Zions, Capitol Reef, Arches, Cayonlands). Truley awsome. :)

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Re: Renting an RV for 3 weeks

Better yet. Look to the margin to your left of this posting. RV Rentals are available under the RV heading. Locate the area you are heading to find a rental company. :approve:


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Re: Renting an RV for 3 weeks

We live in a Class C, and I think that would be fine for your size family. The kids would sleep over the cab or on the couch.

The last time I looked (about 3 years ago) the rental was about $2500 - $3000 per week (hope my memory is right.) Cheap it is not. A rent car would be $400 per week; a motel/food would be $1000+ per week. Airfare?

Be prepared to learn fast about your black and grey tank capacities. They fill up really fast with 4 people. Every other day between dumps is average for two people. Probably every day for 4 people.

Learn to drive in the high country or stay down low. National parks will be a great place to drive. You'll be in a big truck not in a car. You will have to unhook your RV to go anywhere. You will not fit everywhere that you want to go.

You need a good list of RV parks to stay at. Get one of the books of RV parks published by either Good Sam or Woodall. There are others. Plan your trip and make reservations for that time of year.


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Re: Renting an RV for 3 weeks

Check into PassPort America 1/2 price campground club. There is a nice park (Canyon Gateway) on I40 about 30 miles west of Flagstaff who belong to that club. They are also affiliated with Marvelous Marv's Grand Canyon Tour. He will pick you up at the campground, take you to the canyon, show you all the best places, and tell you lots of info. All the while avoiding the crowds and parking hassels.

Also along I40 is the Meteor Crater monument. They have RV parking and are worth a stop.

Unless you really want to drive cross country, you might be better served by flying into the general area and then renting. Not that it can't be done (I just got back from a Tucson, AZ to Salem, MA trip which wasn't bad at all, but then I had a week layover at the midpoint of the trip), but it will take a lot of time, and give you plenty of opportunities to explore the great gas stations of this country :) I'd say it will take you at least 6 days each way, unless you really push it with long days and high speeds.

If practical, you will probably want to spend a day or 2 in a campground 'right next' to the rental place, so you can learn how to use everything, and have any problems handled.