Renting an RV in San Francisco

Hi all.

I am in England and myself and my wife are coming out to San Francisco in September. We would like to rent an RV for about 12 days. Does anyone have any particular recommendations of firms in San Francisco (particularly ones that will come and get us from our Hotel for the pickup), as we are struggling to find firms in that area.

Obviously those with the best price would be great. The only possibility we can find at the moment is American RV, and it would be nice to compare prices against other firms.

many thanks for your replies.

Renting an RV in San Francisco

We did exactly that trip, from the UK to San Francisco, a year ago. We rented from El Monte who have an office in Dublin, CA, and ended up with a brand new RV which was a bonus. They pick up from a number of hotels in downtown San Francisco.
Good luck.
Renting an RV in San Francisco

Thanks guys. El Monte look pretty good, will have to give them a call about hotel pickup to make sure we are in the right one. They seem to have premises in Oakland and Dublin. Surely Oakland is nearer to San Francisco ? Which one do we arrange pick up through do you think ?

Cheers for the replies anyway ;)
Renting an RV in San Francisco

We rented from ElMonte out of Dublin. I hadn't heard about the Oakland office. They sent a mini-bus to pick us up. It took about 30 minutes from downtown SF to Dublin.
Drop me an email (refer to profile) if you want any more info