Replace Upper Rear red marker lights 2002 Winn. 35U


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I needed to replace a bulb on a marker light. I removed the old one, and when pushing in the new one, the socket and bulb disapeared into the Coach. How to get it out.

C Nash

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You should be able to take a wire hook and fish it out. Are there any way to get to it from inside the RV? Last resort you could make the hole a little larger and get it just be sure to seal it good. Welcome to the forum. Dont let us wonder if you got it out. Come back and tell us


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I have not tried since it happened. I had a little hook setup the will work. I just need to be patient. I wonder why they made the bulb socket this way ? If you take off the red cover, and push on the bulb, it will fall in. I will let you know. Thanks