replacing toilet

:dead: Just bought a used Rv and just took a good look in the toilet :dead: . Gonna have to replace it and I know nothing about toilets. Any advice on what kind I should get. My RV is a 1989 36 foot Class A Georgie Boy. We are actually totally redoing the inside so now would be the time. Thanks for any and all advice!
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Sealand makes the best but its $300.00 . A good Thetford will run you half that but is plastic. Stay away from anything cheaper. I have never had good luck with those $90.00 toilets. :)
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Thanks alot for your help. I know it sounds like a silly question - you should be able to just go out and buy a toilet - but I've heard different terms like "high rise" and don't even know what that really means. I'll stay away from the $90 tiolets. Thanks!


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The sprayer helps you get stuff down that doesn't want to go. As such, it is useful. However, I wonder if toilets that don't have problems which cause you to need a sprayer might be better. Mine, for instance, attracts toilet paper as if it were iron foil and the toilet bowl was magnetized. Even the sprayer has a hard time getting it to let go.