Residency & Homeschooling while RVing


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We will be living full time in our RV starting in the next year and I have a few questions. We will be traveling with my husband for his job and will usually be in an area for a few months at a time. I am trying to figure out what to do as far as state residency and a home base for the RV. We will be homeschooling and I'm unsure of the homeschool laws. We currently homeschool in a low regulation state requiring only a filed notice of intent at the beginning of each year. If we are traveling do we follow the homeschool laws of the residency state and file there or do we follow the law of the state we are currently in? How do other full timers do this? Especially those that stay in place for a while? Thanks!


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Re: Residency & Homeschooling while RVing

Double check with your residency state, because laws are different for each state. BUT........

We followed the laws of our residency state. While we were not full time RVers at the time, we are a military family. When the hubby would have to leave home for various and sundry military reasons, we would hit the road - often months at a time. Find a local homeschool group, and then check resources at where they like to discuss "roadschooling".

Even though a school year is usually 185 +/- days, if you spend less than a school year in one location, residency should depend on other factors. Voter registration, licenses, taxes, etc. go a long way to proving residency and should help for homeschooling purposes. I would suggest keeping them all in one state. Ours have a tendency to get scattered among different locales, and it can be a headache.

Our girls are grown and gone now - one is in the Air Force, and the other is a senior in college - but we homeschooled through high school. Even though you may want to pull your hair out at times, rest in the fact the kids are resilient and can become productive adults in spite of your mistakes. Have fun!


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Re: Residency & Homeschooling while RVing

I am an administrator for a public school system in VA. In your current state of residency, do you have to work through a local school district that monitors your home schooling progress?
If you go to the first couple of pages someone posted that they wanted blogs to read from people who were travel schooling and some posted. You could probably get in touch with those people about the laws. I give you props for doing it though. I would if I had kids. All of the homeschool kids I met were very respectful and great to be around.