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Need some expert advice on the roof A/C unit. Was out with Grandkids a week or so ago and ran A/C for two days in pretty warm weather. I got the normal evaporation stream down both sides of motorhome so guessed all was ok. Well, after being back home for a about a week or so, I moved the MH to make room for yard sale and while I was on the driveway incline facing downhill I got water coming in a stream from under the inside ceiling by the front windshield. It didn't flow a lot, but some and it stopped.
My guess is that my roof A/C drain pan may be clogged (?) a little or the seal around base of unit may be bad. Rest of roof and side windows are all sealed real well, so don't think came in from there.
Anyhow, is this a hard job to check out, fix the seal, unclogg drain or any other guidance????
tks for the help in advance ;) :approve:

Archer, I'm not an expert, but I just finished checking my rear a/c for the same problem. I removed the outside cover, easy job, and cleaned out the drip pan, which really wasn't dirty or clogged. I also removed the inside cover and tightened the 3 bolts, which were somewhat loose, that hold the a/c to the roof, and the gasket between the roof and a/c pan. Haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but if it happens again, I'll probably replace the gasket. It doesn't seem to be very difficult to do except for disconnecting the wires and temp sensor before lifting the a/c off the roof. Good luck.


ZigZagrv, There are usually 4 bolts holding down the air conditioner. I hope that you didn't miss one.
Usually tightening them down solves the water leakage problem, unless the gasket is old or has been damaged.

Nope, only 3 bolts on my old units. '85 Winnebago Chieftain 30 with two Coleman a/c's, which both still work just fine, except for the occasional leak. ;)