roof air question

hello! i am glad to find this forum...
my question is this: i have an older motorhome, dash air is needing an expensive it ok to run the roof air conditioning off the generator while i am traveling? thanks in advance!

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roof air question

Hi OctaveDr, yes folks do it all the time, even when their dash is working and its hot. Just don't have your roof air on before you start the generator. Happy trails GB
roof air question

RV gen sets average 6/10ths of a gallon per hour, and yes it is
less than engine air requires. It does not have the cooling effect for driver and passenger, but its better than no air.
roof air question

Not only is it more economical to run the roof air; it is also good for the generator. Since a lot stay in campgrounds with full hookups the generator does not get a chance to run much. It is important to run the generator with at least 50% load for 2 hours a month. This is considered maintainance.

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