roof type?

Hi everybody;
Have a question that I hope everybody will comment on.
Which roof is better for durability, Alu, rubber, or fiberglass?
Sure would appericiate all commonts.
Thanks bunches :) :) :clown:

Gary B

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roof type?

Hi Tom, well the Alum. will more than likely last the longest, followed by rubber, but both the alum & fiberglass roof will require much more maintenance in the long run. Both will have more seams that will need to be sealed and maintained on a regular bases, and the rubber roof will require seam sealing but not as much. Rubber roofs all have a 12yr warrenty now with means they'll most likely do 20 + years, alum & fiberglass are much more prone to hail damage, rubber roofs are much more prone to getting a tear from a branch etc. The esaiest to repair IMO is the rubber roof, then the alum. When rubber roofs became more or less the standard on rv's the problems with roof leaks went down to almost nothing, and most folks do virtually nothing for maint, on any type of roof, thats where a lot of troubles being. Hope this helps. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
roof type?

Thanks Gary B
Some usful info there. I would sure welcome anyone else's comments.
Another ? though; what type of warrentys do the others come with?
Thanks a million.