Rookie RV'r

Rookie RV'r

If I could throw a snowball as far away as florida, I would hit you with it. Since I can't I hope the wind blows sand in your eyes.
Just kidding, you are right we are lucky to live in a free country.
Have fun in florida Archer while I am back here in redneck WV fighting the cold. By the way, today is a nice day, warmed up to 26 degrees. LOL
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been reading the responses to Walt and I am sure glad to hear I'm not the only one to go out and just sit in our rv and think,read rv mags,look around and maybe take a nap. I'm retired so I can do that without feeling guilty that I should be doing productive. I have long felt that to be a successful rv'er it helps to treat it as a hobby so that whatever expense and upkeep you incur it is still fun. enjoy and have a good time. :)
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Hey all,

Was also just reading the responses and feel better knowing I am not the only one that just goes out and turns on the radio and sits sometimes. We also just returned from Wally world with a load of goodies for camping, If things go well a few more weeks and we will get to try out our new camper, actually my little one and I was thinking about just camping in it tommorrow night in the driveway :laugh:
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You know Campbug, our kids camped in our pop-up every weekend, whether it was in our yard or on the road somewhere. That was there summer home.
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Hello all -
Wife & I are first-time rv shoppers...Looked at Roadtrek 210 Pop; Versatile only in brochure at the moment. I'm 6'1", give or take, & don't want to stoop. Advice? Alternatives?? Thanks.
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Posted - Mar 13 2005 : 10:25:42 PM

Hello all -
Wife & I are first-time rv shoppers...Looked at Roadtrek 210 Pop; Versatile only in brochure at the moment. I'm 6'1", give or take, & don't want to stoop. Advice? Alternatives?? Thanks.

You Know being you are first timeers, and looking at a pop up, This old man has a suggestion. :)

Look around in your area and find a place that rents RV's, I know down here in Louisiana they are all over the place.

Rent you a pop up one time then next time rent you a RV trailer, compare the two before you make the plunge :eek: .

The reason being there is a lot of folks that go for the pop up and 3 months later they are wanting to upgrade :laugh: . Just a thought from an old man.
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jeaton1234 is talking about a Roadtrek 210 Popular Class B RV, not a popup trailer. jeaton I like my Roadtrek but I am short and have no trouble. I think the 210 is wider if I'm not mistaken. Find a Roadtrek dealer and lay down on the bed to see if it's long enough. I don't think you will have any trouble walking or standing in one with the cut-away floor. Mine is a 190 Versatile and the best part is I get 16 MPG on the highway.
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Kirk and other new to RVing,
My hubby & I just had our first adventure in our
new to us RV. We were first timers.
We heard all the stories about mishaps and how
difficult things could be.
WELL WELL We were RVing for a month, our first
time. I am still wondering what the fuss was?
No problems, everything was smooth.
Our RV is a 99 and in good shape, but the hype
about being new at RVing and all the things
you have to do or expect blah blah I read on this
forum was just hype. We had a great time and met
many nice people.
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Oh woe is he who has not run amuck while camping for his day is coming.

All kidding aside we all have our ups and downs. The little things like getting to a camp site and finding out your dump hose won't reach or you are looking around for somewhere to plug the darn thing in and you left the new adapter on top of the frig at home. This is the kid of things that haunt us all but you know I wouldn't trade it for anything except for the winning lottery numbers then I would just go out and buy me a newer one, MAYBE.

C Nash

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Hi mallory, You mean you missed out on all the woes of the first time camper :eek: Now you want have nothing to tell the rest of the first timmers :laugh: Don't be to rough on those of us that fed you all the blah blah :blackeye: great to hear you had a great time :approve: keep us posted
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Now that I think real hard. There was one mishap.
It happened at the KOA in St. Petersburg.
We pulled in and decided to go nearby to a nice
place to eat. It was dark & late so we took the RV.
We left our step (the cheap kind) and returned to find
someone had stolen it.
We stayed there only one night thinking if some camper
was that low to steal our step we didn't want to stay
around to see what else they would take.
We just took a milk crate and strapped wood on the top
with two black bungee cords. That worked.
I told my husband Swamp Jack that we needed the attached
steps that screw to the RV.
Does anyone know where we can pick (I mean buy) them up?
The Geritol Gypsy
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:laugh: :laugh:
My wife and I are newbie's too. We just purchased a 36' class A about a month and a half ago. We've been out 2 times so far. Still have to work but at the end of the year we hope to go fulltime. We've had fun so far and I can relate to just sitting in it. I drive by storage every couple days to look at it. Hard to believe it's so big.
Maybe we'll all meet on the road some where some time.


Spacenut :approve:
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I found that when you have to leave a site with your RV to always leave a table cloth on the picnic table (if there is one) and that tells people the site it taken and will be back. The people who took your step probably thought you pulled out and forgot it, so they took it. We have done that many times and no one has ever took it.
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Becki and I are also new to this and look anxiously out the kitchen window all day at our brandie-new Jay Flight 25ft 5er. We spend hours wach day sitting in it making lists, reviewing lists, surfing RV data on the internet and lookinf forward to our first outing the weekend after Easter. (Shakedown Cruise)

I have 100+ new internet links in my laptop and am getting cross-eyed from reading.

We have take the rig out 3 times in the past 3 weeks to get used to driving it. We've practiced parking it in the local High School parking lot and will take a 50 mile trip to a local RV park for a weekend Shakedown Cruise.

Wish us luck.

Tate And Becki
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Hi all

Enjoyed reading all your stories & comments about your first time.

We have done a few two week trips in small class C in Ireland & Europe but I will hit the USA roads this summer with my wife & kids & we are both excited & terrified at the same time.

I will buy a Class A & wrangler tow and hope to cover a lot of ground before shipping both back to Ireland at the end of the summer. A 37-40' pusher & tow will be a strange sight on the Irish roads.

I look forward to following your comments and hopfully we will have as easy a time as Mallory.

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Our Shake-down cruise went much better than expected. No major problems and a lot of lessons learned. CG was very supportive and informative. The day manager spent over an hour talking with us as we set up and was greatful for his assistance and advice. :)

This coming Sunday Becki and I are taking our, as yet un-named, 5er on her Maiden Voyage to the White Mountains of AZ for a week of fishing. This on should be interesting. As before we are making and modifying lists, check-lists and inventories for the trip.

We will be camping in a State Park with limited facilities, but all the critical ones. Should be quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.

Wish us luck. :)