Rubber Roof question

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Rubber Roof question

I don't think you should see wrinkles or bubbling BigV :disapprove: . Be sure and get this on record and take pictures. Are you seeing a lot of bubbles and how large are they. Guess heating and cooling might cause this but, if it was installed properly I don't think it should do this. JMO. If this is the same rv that you have the other problems with be sure and keep records and pictures.
Rubber Roof question

That's what I thought. Manufacturer (Monaco) told everything else.......that was normal and that I would see this on ALL of them. Not really bubbling.....just wrinkles that run across the entire width of the rig along seams between roof boards. I'll get pictures and make sure the dealer is aware of it the next time I take the rig in.

Oh, this brings another question. Is it normal to have gaps between the roof boards about 1/4 inch across the entire width of the rig? I'm guessing, it's not. :eek: But, if I ask the manufacterer on this one, I'm sure I'll get the same response....."it's supposed to be that way".

Thanks :laugh:

P.S.'s the same rig.
Rubber Roof question

The bubbles in the rubber membrane come from the expansion and contraction of the roofing matirials, especially along the edges at the top of the radius. Some days it will look worse than other days. But if your seeing 1\4 inch gaps in the sheeting, that is far from normal!!!!! :disapprove:
Rubber Roof question

The bubbles in the membrane are along the seams of the sheeting at the top of the radius. Expansion and contraction sounds logical.
Rubber Roof question

I have a rubber roof on a 12'x 40'shed and it gets bubbles and has a few cracks in it. It's been on there for 10 years and no leaks. This summer I am going to coat it with "white" rubber roof paint. That should do the trick along with keep it cooler inside.