rubber roof replacement

LDS 3500

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Ihave a 1989 carrilite M3500 fifth wheel that i got from family members whom had owned it from new in PA. My problem is that it needs a new roof it has one leak at the rear that i can't seal up and one in the front that has bad wood under it. The problem was due to dirt buildup under the insert on the aluminum trim that covers the area where the rubber meets the front and rear end caps the screws rusted away and let the leaks begin. I removed the screws and sealed up the area but damage had already begun. The interior has not suffered too badly nothing i can't repair. My problem is am i wasting money on a unit that is worth less than the repairs may add up to? I have replaced the frige in 2004 and put it in storage and have not used it since [no time]frige has never been used since install. I know with the roof issues i can't trade or sell and get much out of it and i would not [aganst my morals]plus my wife would not be happy, she is not happy about the roof issues as it is.This was to be our retirement home in a few years.I have sent out for estimates awating replies. I could do this my self but i don't have building to put it in while i rip and tear.The positive is i have no payments only what i'm dumping into it. Hurricane season is here in florida again and leaks are not a good thing.Thanks for reading.


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rubber roof replacement

Well, a new one is going to cost you more than $20,000. So, how much repair can you stand compared to that?