RV blues

Not sure if you guys remember. I just bought my Holiday Rambler Endeavour several months ago. I have had all kinds of troubles. Here is my story. My first short trip. Things that went wrong. Generator didn not work, Speedomiter was not working, it over heated going over one large hill, water started leaking (Condes from air cond). natural gas alarm went off at two in the morning. People at the RV park where not so friendly. I was already to hook-up when my neighboor come over to tell me there was no electricity on that particular site. It turned out that they lied and they wanted that site for themself so that they could park their cars and visitors cars. They Listened to loud country music and dranked into late hours of the night. Took the RV to the shop had everything checked and fixed including all electrical including batteries. Started listening to country music liked it. This weekend took another short trip. Air cond did not work only the front worked only if I had the fan on high. front slide would not retract evenly had to manually pull it. lost all power to batteries. Refregitator was not working for several hours. not sure how but got that working. Rv park was full of old Rv's that have been on site for years. dog droppings everywhere, not to mention the pool was nasty. People geve a lot of nasty looks as we set up. again not very friendly. Started drinking budwiser. website for the RV park looked real picturesque. Problem is the other RV parks in the area looked the same if not worst. My poor wife started crying. Somebody please tell me it gets better.


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Come on Tex ,country music is that bad. Although Domino had some bad experience it will get better I hope. I would have known it the shore power wasn't working. and if I had any problem that I thought was fixed by the RV shop I would take it back.

Domino I hope you get all your problems fixed because camping is good therapy and relaxing. GOOD LUCK in the future


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Re: RV blues

I second what Hollis said. There is good and bad in everything we do. RVing is not exception. Tell the lil lady that once the bugs are out of it you will be in funsville. We too have had problems with our rv and its basically new.


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Re: RV blues

Domino just has to chalk it up as a learning experience. Nothing is free. and to enjoy it. I went today and set a date to bring mine to the RV shop, some how I am going to solve the dead battery problem if it cost me a arm and leg, which it probably will. :dead: :( :(
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Thank you all. I have made an apt to take it back to the RV place on wed. Thank you all for your comments including Tex. It sounds like I am going to have a good relationship with the RV shop. Hey tex I am taking my mother along on the next trip, no dogs since I had both put to sleep last month since they where unable to tolerate any more years. they where 11 and 13 years old. Lets hope everything goes well. I am planning to drive from Dallas, Texas to Chicago then back to Dallas.
Tex where in Texas are you.
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Oh, man, I'm sorry to hear about your dogs. That's a hard decision to make. Ours was 15 and now we have one that's getting up there, too.

We're in the Houston area.

PS. My reference in the above post was about a country-western song that was popular awhile back. Domingo has heard it. His post just reminded me of it, and the song stops before the end with the singer admonishing the song writer that he had not written the 'perfect' country song since it didn't have those last items like 'all' country-western songs do.


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Re: RV blues

Your dogs have gone over RAINBOW BRIDGE and are having a blast running, jumping, and everything else.....no more pain or problems. We will see them someday I hope. I really miss our dogs a whole lot. Had a dog since I was just a little tyke and not having one for the last two years leaves a void around me. :(


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Re: RV blues

The song Tex referred to is You Never Even Called Me By My Name - recorded by David Allen Coe (written by Steve Goodman and John Prine)...also known as "The Perfect Country & Western Song"...one of my favorites to sing. DAC is known for penning "Take This Job and Shove It" as well as 'Would You Lay With Me In a Field of Stone" (one of Tanya Tucker's first hits). John Prine is known as the author of the only campfire song about organ donation...Please Don't Bury Me.

Camping is not about stuff...albeit, it is easier to enjoy yourself when your stuff works but if you choose to focus on the stuff of camping you may never be happy...we have insurance and repair shops to help us take care of the stuff. We are on our own to take care of our frame of mind. The more I listen to country music, the happier I am with my own life!
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I am new here, but I agree that camping and all that goes with it is not about the stuff, but the lack of it in many ways. We all find comfort our own ways... I have a new-to-me Jayco pop up camper. We spent the weekend doing what we like... My wife slept a lot, with the sound of the babbling brook, both kids (8 and 5) spent the days playing all over the brook, making little pile of rock dams, wading, and making friends with the other camper kids, and I relaxed, talked to some good folks, and rode my segway around the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I too miss my dogs who have run ahead to heaven, and do listen to country music.

Life is full of good stuff, and good people. Lots of them are in the woods and on the beach. Tell your wife it gets better and in 5 years she will look back and laugh, and by then you will have the experience to offer a hand up to some other poor sole who had a tough time like you did...

Find the silver lining. It is there....

Good luck.
RE: RV blues

I Hope to take another weekend trip this week. The shop seems to think they have it back by thursday. My wife and I are already laughing about the whole situation. I do think this weekend will be better. We Thank you all for your support. My wife has been encouraged by all of you. We thank you.
I forgot to mention that the weekend was not all bad. The children loved playing in the river. They are already asking to go for another camping trip.
The house seems empty without those crazy dogs around. Tex is right I should have included my pick-up truck and mother. I re-read the massage and boy it sounded bad. I was just frustrated when I got home. We love driving our RV.
Again thank you all.


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Re: RV blues

These forums have been absolutely amazing... I'm amazed at everyone's support and opinions. The wealth of information provided here has been paramount. I close on my house 7-25-08, we lost our jobs, and will be full time RVing for 6-8 months as we see our great country. Thank goodness for severance packages. We purchased a 97 Pace Arrow 36', 1 slide and its the perfect layout. With an Italian Greyhound and 2 cats, it will be an adventure.

It will probably be depressing at the end of the 8 months because then it's back to work. We're 37/38 YO and have received so much support from friends and family. Most are admittedly envious at the undertaking. The house is 95% packed up and in storage and RV is 95% ready for the maiden voyage.
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Jim. Good luck and post your adventures. Everybody in this forum have been suportive and funny at the same time. Evertime some one has a problem I keep the responds and check as I have similar problems with my MH. I also bought a used RV and it has been a learning experience. Good luck.
Re: RV blues

My only comment, you might want to get a volt-meter. With that, the next time some you are told the electric doesn't work on a pole you can check it yourself. However once you find out you've been lied to, you might want to consider moving away from that individual as far as you can !! JMHO.