RV body deterioration

Bill and I have been planning on becoming fulltimers for many years. In September 2004, we bought our dream RV - a 33' Class A motorhome, a Winnebago Sightseer with 1 slide-out. Both the body and roof are fiberglass. Initially we stored it at the dealer's but eventually moved it to a friend's property - a grassy field next to some broken-down buildings. It is not covered at all and we are concerned about environmental damage to the body and tires and mouse damage as it will be stored here until we can become full-timers in spring of 2007. Any suggestions on what we should do to protect it? Before we take it out on the road, should we have it thoroughly inspected by the dealer's maintenance facility?

C Nash

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RV body deterioration

I would look into some type shed and keep the tires off the ground. A concrete slab would be great or paved. Heavy plastic on the ground and gravel to help keep moisture down would be my next option. Should be graded and rounded enough to let water run off. Go ahead and put in a septic tank and power supply so you will have a place to come back to when you fulltime. Be sure and give the exterior a good polish job at least twice a year. Rats and ants will be a problem if parked in fields or anywhere. Traps might take care of the mice if you can ck it regular. You could keep it covered with a rv cover (canvas type) but, I don't like these (JMO). If you are not familiar with maintenance you should have someone with experence ck it out. Be sure and winterize it. just a few things that come to mind. I am sure others will give some good advice.
RV body deterioration

If you can afford a 33' Class A motorhome you can afford to store it in a closed building. Invest in something that will save your RV from insects, animals and weather. Store it indoors.
I'm not trying to be smart or funny. It just makes common sense to me to protect an investment.
Good Luck in your fulltiming. :)