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We have the fireplace....it's cute but like most electric heaters the thermostat keeps the fire place at an even tempeture not the room.....

We have yet to find an electric heater that senses room air temps well... as a rule the heater gets hot and turns off. If it's cold out you turn it up then it's too hot when the sun comes up.....

Most RV's arctic packages (joke) not withstanding are not made for below freezeing temps...... unless of course you don't mind room temps in the teens at night and condensation running down your windows. Even with dual pane we still have to wipe windows from time to time. Dual panes weigh more.... but weigh less then storms and don't have to be installed.

One major manufacturer gives the weight of dual panes as 800 pounds..... but does not tell you the single pane windows reduce the weight by 600 pounds.....net gain is 200 pounds.... it's buyer beware out there.....


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RE: RV Buying Advice

Hi there, just to let you know we are full time rv'ers for 4 years now and since we live in Northern Alberta Canada, have had a lot of experience with cold weather and rv's. In our opinion, the best RV for winter use to purchase is an Okanagan. It is built in Canada for our weather. We owned one and traded due to the floor plan and no king bed option. We then purchased a Gulfstream Yellowstone which is the same as a Prairie Schooner - HUGE mistake....junk junk junk. GS stands for Garbage Supreme or should. Nothing but problems from sewer smell to floor lifting to water leaks to cracking sidewalls and more than I can mention. To top it off GS would NOT warranty anything - stated everything was our fault, just a word to the wise check out your warranty very carefully before purchasing an RV. We finally got all our money back from our GS as we threatened to sue the Dealer - anyhow we now own a Cambridge and just love it. Any problems we have had have been taken care of and Keystone has been more than willing to honour their warranty.
We checked out the Cameo LXI as they state that they are fully winter capable and guarantee it. Well, check out the sewer drains under the unit, who wants to insulate and heat tape 10 feet of that plus what you have going into the ground? There is one parked beside us right now and he has had furnace problems all winter long. We are cozy and warm in our Cambridge and wouldn't trade it for anything except an Okanagan if they ever come up with a floorplan that we like. The Cambridge has an all enclosed system of valves and drains and it is awesome!!! One thing to watch for is if your dinette and sofa is on the door side, a nice plus if your parked back to back for long periods of time after all who wants to look at someone elses unit all day long. If money is not an object I'd definetly go Cambridge as it is Keystone's top of the line and this is our second winter with up to -45F and no problems with anything. Good luck and Happy Rv'ing!!!!