RV Cleaning products


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Some time back there was a thread about cleaning products for the outside of the RV. Grandview Trailer Sales made the statement that they use a product called "Reliable" for all of their RV cleaning needs. As a result of that thread I exchanged email with him and purchased a gallon of that product.

Today I finished using the product on a task that I had not been successful with any other cleaner. About two years ago we spent a winter in an area where it was very warm and wet and the result was some major mold that grew on the vinyl cover that goes over the edges of the cap on each end of the motorhome where it joins the body. This is a rolled material that is pressed over a metal strip and then caulked. The mold was nearly black, on the white cap and it covered nearly all of the cover at each cap. In the two years since that time I have used about every cleaner that I could find on this as well as a great deal of elbow grease as well as many "Scotch-Brite" pads in an effort to remove the mold. I suspect that I had spent a total of more than 12 hours at this and had removed less than half of the problem with no part back to it's original white condition. Today I addressed that job again using the "Reliable." I mixed it by the directions into a spray bottle at about 1 to 4 strength. I then sprayed about 4' of the strip, let it sit for 15 minutes and then again applied a "Scotch-Brite" pad. Much to my amazement, in less than two hours I had all of the cover for both caps back to white once again! This is truely the best cleaning product that I have ever used for this type of cleaning. I still prefer to use automotive Turtle Wax washing product for the regular wash job since it leaves the hand wax that I do twice a year intact. But for the hard to remove things when you are getting ready to wax the RV, this is by far the best product that I have ever used.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I do not give dealer endorsements easily and all of them must be earned. I now state that Grandview Trailer Sales was as good as his word and this product is all that he says it is. I will be purchasing more of it from him when this gallon is gone.


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RV Cleaning products

Hey Kirk,
I'm really proud of you. Sounds like a great product. I have been using Castrol (bought at Wally World) and it has a similar result, but I have to really watch the strength and rinse it really good.
RV Cleaning products

Glad you liked the Reliable and thanks for the endorsement.

We use it to clean just about everything. We had a customer yesterday bring a cargo trailer in to install a stoneguard. He was talking about the black streaks on it and his buddy who had a pressure washing business could not get the trailer clean. We took a bottle of Reliable, sprayed it on, waited a few seconds and wiped the trailer clean with a paper towel. We had to pick his jaw up from the driveway and he bought 2 bottles. Great product.

When you need more, just let me know.
RV Cleaning products

Kenneth, I finally got to use the reliable, unbeleavable,as kirk said it even took most of the mold off my vinyl window seal strips. It did just as you said it would . Our trailer has set under a tree, IN THE CAMPSITE, from mid january to now,in northern Indiana amongst the smog from the steel mills and it was filthy two weeks ago when I opened it up for the season. I sprayed it down with my garden sprayer full of "RELIABLE", and WOW :eek: what a cleaner I'm now a happy :) :laugh: :approve: camper, now for the inside. Kenneth, I am looking for a king mattress for my 5er. Does anyone make a shorty like the queen we have now . THANKS FOR THE CLEANER , KENNETH AT GRANDVEIW TRAILER SALES, HONEST BUSINESS IS HIS TRADEMARK. WORKS GREAT ON MY TRUCK TOO THANKS AGAIN KENNETH LEE