RV in shop for 14 months


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Hi We're new here just got an RB in October of 2022 and 4 months later the engine blows. We were on a trip to Florida and it happened in South Carolina and had to be towed to one shop that said they can't do the work after a week of waiting in the junkyard for a week. We got everyone in the family to help us find a place that would do the work and we found one close so had to get it towed there. He said he could do the work in-between his work on semi trucks, that's his main business but it has been 14 months and now we are not hearing back from him at all. We don't know what to do as this is our first RV and we are still paying the loan and insurance on it. We are worried that the RV is going to be unusable if we ever get it back. Any advice would help since the insurance company is none. Thanks so much!