RV manufacture ratings

I will be purchasing a travel trailer within the next 2 months. Does anybody know where I can find some ratings (like consumer reports does for home goods)if available, or just give me some opinions. I will be purchasing a 26-30 foot with slide and bunks. I seem to have always liked Sunline, but don't know where they stand on the totem pole! This will be my second trailer, First brand new one, so I would like to be careful and get the right one that will suit me for years.

Please help me because you all know EVERY dealer sells "THE BEST" top of the line on the market trailers! :laugh:


Gary B

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RV manufacture ratings

Hi Taz, I 've heard that Sunline makes a good product, I know from experience that Jayco is good, we had no troubles with the Coachmen we had, although the furniture was not the best, we've had a couple of Fleetwood products and had excellent service, we now have a Nuwa and it is a good product but we liked or Fw Terry much better and will be getting another Terry. Folks have had problems with every manufacture & others have had good results. Most important is a dealer you like and trust and a floor plan you like, and plan on doing maintence as this is a major key to any products longevity, rv's, cars, trucks, snowmobiles etc. There is the RV consumers group that you can buy a book etc from they rate RV's but I am not a fan. :angry: Good luck with the search. :) :laugh: :cool: :approve:
RV consumer group www.rv.org as I said I'm not a fan I belive their just selling, don't agree with alot of their stuff GB


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RV manufacture ratings

I would not recommend a Four Winds product. Go to thier web site and see all the brands that they make.
RV manufacture ratings


You should get a copy of the RV Consumers Group Ratings Book (or CD). This gives detailed ratings on over 2,500 different models of TT and FW. I have used this twice previously before purchasing a fiver and have been very happy. This cost about $80, but some libraries have one in the reference department. The have a website: www.rv.org

To me the cost is well worth it considering the amount of money you are going to be spending. (After we have used ours, we donate to the local library and at least get a deduction.) We learned the hard way on the rig before we bought a copy of the Ratings guide -- it was a piece of junk and was rated accordingly. Oh well, live and learn. Good luck!
RV manufacture ratings

Thanks for the replies guys! I guess everybody else is sleeping. Come on people don't everyone speak at once! :laugh: Help guide me to a decision.

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RV manufacture ratings

Taz, I have seen junk in most all makes and seen happy owners in the same. I don't put a lot of stock in the book ratings. Affraid they might be biased. JMO Go to campgrounds and talk with owners and visit all the RV shows. lots of bashing of Fleetwood but, it could be because there are more fleetwood products on the road. Upper end units will be pricey and most ligh weights had to skimp somewhere but I had a keystone Cougar that was a great little 5th wheel. Have had very good service out of two HR TT and our current HR MH has been trouble free. Some of the best TT I have owned were Airstreams, three of them. Had a Scotty that served us well and a Brogham (spelling) well won't go there. I like the caged aluminum construction units and prefer the fiberglass or aluminum tops but the aluminum top will dent with heavy hail. Would not want another w/o slide. Check any make new unit out the same as you would a used. Good luck and let us know what you find. No experence with the Sunline
RV manufacture ratings

Hi I currrently own a 29' Prowler Lynx Ultralight. This is a Fleetwood product and knock wood after two years we have had no real problems. I think the trailer is well costructed and well appointed. I have almost all of the same features that my father in law has in his Golden Falcon 32' fith wheel ( just not the space lol ). I purchased it new and we use it all the time here in Florida. We are thinking about moving up to a larger Prowler mainly cause we like the floorplan and our experience with fleetwood