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We are in the starting blocks to purchase our third motor - have not had one in 3 years. We wonder which is the preferable stable of RV's - Thor with the Mandalay or Tiffin with the Allegro Bus. We are planning on getting either a new or slightly used diesel pusher. We would greatly appreciate you input. Our two prior RV's were a Country Coach Intrique and a Navigator. Both were a few years old when we purchased them.

Thank you.

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With out a doubt Tiffin is the best RV made. I have the Allegro Bus and it is trouble free. The best part is if you should have a problem they will do everything posible to help. I had a friend that had a question on a Phaeton and called Tiffin and Bob Tiffin returned his call the same day. Pretty hard to beat that.
good Luck!
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Tiffin not only has a well built coach but dealers are happy to work on them. Tiffin pays warranty claims without much fuss which makes there dealers happy and willing to work on ones they didn't sell. Which is good for fulltimers on the road.
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We WERE very happy with our 2005 Tiffin Allegro. The dealer is good except they have a problem answering their phone in the service dept and a worse problem calling back. HOWEVER. We had a leak where the roof vent for the fridge is sealed. The sealer used was not the same as the rest of the roof - harder - and it cracked. Water got in and ruined the cabinet front where the fridge is mounted. Long story short, they resealed the roof, but took forever to get the wood (over a month from when it was booked in and that was on a month's notice) and as far as I know it still has not arrived. Now I get a cryptic phone message from the dealer saying Tiffin refuses to pay for the cabinet to be repaired - AND a similar one already torn apart. SO MUCH FOR TIFFIN's "LEGENDARY" SERVICE AND WARANTEE!!!! Don't buy one - they refuse to answer questions about the sealer too and why it was different. I sent a long email asking explaining the situation and asking several questions. They IGNORED me. All I got was a cryptic message saying our "cabinet door" (door?!!! - it's a frame!!!!) was being built in the parts dept and would be delivered to the dealer when it was finished. It's identical to the current year models - so what the heck happened to stock??? I'm an amateur woodworker and cabinet maker and I know how long it takes me to make a full raised front panelled solid hardwood cabinet, so making a simple prefinished fake wood frame doesn't take a day. But wait..... they're making it.... but they are not paying for it?

Like I said, buy something else, not Tiffin if you want someone to stand by their warantee. I'd say this is a LOT of fuss and NO pay on our wartantee claim.
RE: RV Manufacturer input UPDATE

UPDATE to our Tiffin comments. After some discussion with Tiffin (including Bob Tiffin) my confidence in them is restored. The problems are all due to the dealer service manager. Suffice it to say that they have finally contacted Tiffin about the disputed number of labor hours for the warantee repair. An appointment has been made when the Tiffin Rep. will be present while the work is being dow n to adjust hours for this job. Hopefully that will resolve the entire problem for everyone.

Again, the dealer sales folks and Tiffin and their products have been great. If the dealer service gets this resolved and learns something at the same time, the entire fiasco will turn out to the good.