RV Park near NYC???

Is there an RV park near New York City? In Jersey, maybe? We are doing the Eastcoast next summer and are checking on Park availability.
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RV Park near NYC???

I just checked my Trailer Life Directory and the only thing nearby is Jersey City, NJ. It seems pricey, but is the closest to NYC on the map.
There are also a couple of public parks listed on Long Island.
If you get up to western Mass., I could give you plenty of advice re: what to see & do.
RV Park near NYC???

Thanks, Ed. We are just beginning to get our itinerary rolling. I'll yell if Mass. is in the plans.
Have a great week.
RV Park near NYC???

We stayed there for a weekend about a month ago. It's called Liberty Harbor RV Park and Marina. Loved the place for its accessibility to NYC. But it is pricey at $60 per night, and its no aesthetic wonderland either. It's simply a gravel parking lot with sites. But then again, if you can get a site on the end of the row, you have a view of the Statue of Liberty from your trailer window! As they say, location, location, location. There is a boat shuttle from the marina dock just about 30 yards from the park entrance that will take you to Manhattan for (I think) $3 a ride. The only thing is that it only runs weekdays. There is a huge car park next to the RV Park for commuters, and the boat shuttle obviously caters to them. So on the weekends your only choice is to walk about 4 blocks through Jersey City to a subway station, which looked a little dicey to me and my non-big-city eyes, but which our friends who live in Jersey City said was perfectly safe. On the down side, there are a couple of bars at the marina, right next to the RV Park and on Friday and Saturday nights there is a lot of loud music, with that annoying bass thump, until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. But on Sunday night there was no party. It's not hard to get to. You take the New Jersey Turnpike spur that heads toward Manhattan via the Holland tunnel, and take the last exit before the tunnel. Then you have to drive about 10 city blocks and make an easy right turn onto the marina drive. If you are interested, email the park directly and they will give you detailed directions to the park. Also if you want to see pics, here is the web site:


The park is fine for what it is--easy access to NYC without having to the $200 + you would pay for a nearby hotel room. If I had to do it again, I would stay during the week rather than a weekend. That way you have the easy and cheap ride to Manhattan via the shuttle boat, and you avoid the weekend bar parties.

Hope this helps, Art
RV Park near NYC???

Dear Art,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We were planning on visiting during the week and catch a matinee on Broadway. This info is VERY helpful as we had NO idea where we might be able to stay. Our usual hotel room right off Broadway is WAY too expensive to us now that we have our TT. :laugh:
Thank you again!
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RV Park near NYC???

I just made a reservation there and did not have to give a VISA number, and it was quick, too quick. I have to trust that when I drive down there from Newfoundland, Canada that I will have a place to stay. Did anyone else make a reservation there? Did you pay in advance? I hope it was just efficient service.